Pioneer Business Planting Consultation

Pioneer Business Planting is a five-day consultation focused on extending the reach of the Gospel while creating financial sustainability for church planters and other leaders/believers.

The intended outcome is a viable legitimate business that provides a product or service that does not currently exist in the region in order to serve the local community through meeting physical, social, and spiritual needs without competing with other local businesses thus being a light simply by adding value through the business.

Each consultation is customized to the needs of the participants through facilitating conversation, active listening, storytelling, and hands on experiential learning through activity-based exercises. 

The first two days focus on the mindset topics like:

  1. God is the Owner of our business, we are His stewards
  2. Work is worship
  3. Sacred/secular divide
  4. How to use business as a means to extend the gospel

The last three days are focuses on:

  1. Process of business planting
  2. How to find a good business idea
  3. Leadership
  4. Problem solving skills
  5. How to write a businessplan
  6. Funding
  7. Ethics in business
  8. Customers
  9. Marketing
  10. Budgeting and many more elements of starting a business.

After the consultation, the students are able to develop/write business plans and have the tools/knowledge to start a business.

  • The consultation is very interactive with an emphasis on experienced based learning (games and activities) and storytelling (graphic curriculum).
  • The consultation will be given by a team of trainers of at least 2 experienced team members and 2-3 newbies for the purpose of multiplication and in case of injury or illness.
  • Pioneer Business Planting is designed to be customized for all levels of experience. Thus each gathering is unique and distinct. We strive to highlight the strengths of each and every community that we serve.

The Pioneer Business Planting training has been developed and improved since 2010, given in 45+ countries in Africa and Asia and out of that more than 1500 viable businesses have been started.

All participants will be encouraged to apply what they have learned but also share the material with people in their area.

Target group

Local church planters and their families/friends that have a passion to reach the neglected


  • 20-40 participants
  • 40 hours of teaching
  • teaching team of 3-4 people (preferably also a local person involved)
  • Graphic Curriculum and Facilitators Manual (for trainers)


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