Project Malawi

Our Malawian team has been planted 60-100 house churches over the whole country over the past years. With a team of around 8-10 faithful leaders they reach the unreached in their nation and beyond (spreading to Mozambique).

We help the Malawian movement by starting businesses that help the churchplanters become self-sustainable by training, coaching and developing a FAITH fund.

Project uganda

God is doing an amazing work in Uganda. One of our key leaders shares:

“I was a bank manager with the biggest bank in Uganda. The L-rd told me to leave the bank without telling me where to go, how I would support my family and how we would survive. I ended up at the Ch-rch Planting Experience (CPx) training in Cape Town, South Africa, which transformed my belief system. I spent some time away from my family in order to take the training. So without raising any financial support, I went back home to Uganda and started pr-yer walking the streets of Kampala.