Project Kenya

In Kenya, an All Nations team has faithfully planted around 20 churches in the West and among the unreached animistic people group, the Pokots, in the North. The team is looking for ways to use business to become self-sustainable and to use business to reach the unreached.

One leader has been discipling some street kids and has started a bakery shop with them. They make small cakes and is selling them to people in his area. The kids learn work ethic, sales, marketing and more while they are in the business.

We had planned to hold a Pioneer Business Planting consultation in April with an international team mixed with locals. Because of travel restrictions and COVID-19 we gave on Online Pioneer Business Planting consultation for the Kenyan leaders. We focus on coaching them to write business plans, help them start the businesses and raise up a local leadership team to handle the businesses. Our aim is to do another Pioneer Business Planting in beginning of 2021.

stories from Kenya

Called to do business

Growing up in an impoverished family in Kenya, Kefa was pulled into doing business at a young age. Before the age of 10 he started earning money, so he could provide himself with books, clothes and sometimes food. His first deal was with a man who wanted to start planting tea. As Kefa’s parents worked in a tea plantation, he could get seeds through them. He sold them to this man for 5 shillings; his first starting capital.

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