Project Malawi

Our Malawian team has been planted 60-100 house churches over the whole country over the past years. With a team of around 8-10 faithful leaders they reach the unreached in their nation and beyond (spreading to Mozambique).

We help the Malawian movement by starting businesses that help the churchplanters become self-sustainable by training, coaching and developing a FAITH fund. Soo far there are several businessplans in place:

  1. Taxi business to share Jesus in the car and reach the unreached in the mountains
  2. Selling firewood in the villages to get in contact with new people and share Jesus with them.


IMpact 2019-2021

People trained in Pioneer Business Planting
Businessplans written
Businesses funded
Loans given
People influenced
Disciples made through PBP
Amount of Discovery Bible Studies
Amount of churches
Generations of churches

Disclaimer: numbers are a great way to show how God is impacting the world, but they still are just numbers. Behind every number is are people, stories and communities. High numbers are never the end goals. The end goal is more disciples and churches planted among the neglected peoples of the earth. 

We get our numbers from our local workers on the field. Numbers change all the time. Businesses stop and start, churches stop and start. 


Called to do business

Growing up in an impoverished family in Kenya, Kefa was pulled into doing business at a young age. Before the age of 10 he started earning money, so he could provide himself with books, clothes and sometimes food. His first deal was with a man who wanted to start planting tea. As Kefa’s parents worked in a tea plantation, he could get seeds through them. He sold them to this man for 5 shillings; his first starting capital.

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